This is my teacup

When I first thought about starting this blog I was at the beginning of a period of change which would actually turn out to be a turning point in my life. I had just discovered I was an alcoholic and was coming to terms with giving up drinking for life. I have since had to give up several other things, mostly foods, for life – literally for the sake of my life.

I had no idea how to cope with not drinking, so I bought myself a teacup to replace my pint glass/wine glass and took ownership of my situation. I chose the teacup, it’s pretty, it belongs to me and I love it. The choice of a cup of herbal tea over a glass of wine signifies the ability to choose health and life over the alternative. Sometimes I don’t use my cup for a while, but it’s always there, representing the choice I made and reminding me that it was indeed a choice, and that the choice was mine.

However, this is not a blog about alcoholism, as alcoholism turned out only to be a symptom. This is a blog about addiction, therapy, weight-loss, mental health and the changing of self. And my cat, Philip. He’ll be in it a lot.


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